Fresh milk, freshly bottled, fresh to you from the hometown dairy at Autumnwood Farm. Since 1902, members of the Daninger family have run a dairy operation on the south side of Forest Lake, Minnesota. Modern milking machines and technological advances in the new micro-creamery make today’s dairy vastly different from that early 1900s farm, yet Autumnwood Farm bears one strong resemblance to its forerunner: a commitment to producing natural dairy products.

The Daningers and their top quality staff run a modern dairy operation using the finest dairy equipment and environmentally sound practices to put fresh milk and milk products on your table. The cows eat at their buffet and then lounge on their foam mattresses or enjoy fresh green pasture as the weather allows.   The micro-creamery puts “freshness” in every bottle of milk or cream as the cows’ milk is immediately processed and bottled on site. The Autumnwood label on every glass bottle is your assurance of natural goodness, and unmatched freshness.

As a family business with long-held ties to the land, Autumnwood Farm is fully invested in the animals, the land, and everything the land produces. The entire farm is managed in a highly sustainable and environmentally balanced manner. The Daninger family has been honored with awards for top-quality milk, community service, and environment-respecting farming practices.

From “the grass to the glass,” you won’t find fresher milk anywhere. Look for Autumnwood Farm milk and milk products in your grocer’s dairy section, or call Autumnwood Farm for more information.

Autumnwood is a Minnesota licensed and inspected dairy.