Farm fresh goodness is packed into every bottle of milk from Autumnwood Farm. Allowing their cows to lounge in the pasture or on the luxurious mattresses in the new barn, Autumnwood Farm brings all-natural, low-temperature pasteurized milk to quality-conscious consumers. Through carefully managed nutrition and pasturing, the Autumnwood Farm cows produce milk that tastes great and is good for you.

Autumnwood Farm cows never receive growth hormone (rBST), and since they are raised naturally in a very healthful environment, they rarely need antibiotics. Every measure is taken to ensure that Autumnwood milk is free of any antibiotics.

Autumnwood Farm offers these high-quality products, direct from the dairy and on-site plant. All milk is bottled in reusable, environmentally friendly glass bottles (which also keep the milk colder).

Clean bottles can be returned and refunded at store locations listed below.

  • Skim, 1%, and whole milk
  • Non-homogenized whole milk
  • Chocolate milk
  • Half & half
  • Eggnog (in season)

Forest Lake’s Autumnwood Farm micro-creamery provides fresh milk and milk products to select grocery stores in the north metro area.


Local Vendors Using Autumnwood Dairy Products

Local Vendors Selling Autumnwood Dairy Products